Bursitis is a condition where you have inflammation of the “bursa”. The bursa is a fluid filled layer of tissue we have in our bodies at different locations that is found between the skin and a bony prominence. Some examples of this would be the hip where we have a trochanteric bursa, the shoulder where we have subacromial bursa or the olecranon bursa over the elbow. With the inflammation that occurs in bursitis, that tissue becomes thickened and inflamed and produces pain with movement and can limit our activity and movement of the affected area.


Bursitis tends to cause pain with certain movements and can produce an ache or sharp pain in the affected area. Occasionally there may be redness over the bursa which can be painful to the touch.


There can be different causes of bursitis, but some of the more common causes are having the affected area on hard surface for a long period of time. An example of this would be your elbows on desk or kneeling on a hard floor. This condition can also happen with repetitive movements with exercise or while working.

When to see your doctor:

If your pain lasts more than a few days, or if any redness and warmth begin to develop, you should see your doctor for further evaluation. This condition can sometimes resolve on its own, but frequently needs treatment to completely resolve the inflammation.

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