Cartilage Injuries


Cartilage is the smooth surface at the end of our bones that allow them to glide smoothly against each other while causing little to no friction. Occasionally with a traumatic accident or from a sports injury the cartilage can sustain damage to a focal area that can cause pain, swelling and limitations when trying to return to sports or an active lifestyle.


When you have an injury to your cartilage you may experience a variety of different symptoms. If at the time of injury, a piece of cartilage came loose it may feel like something is floating around in your joint. Your range of motion may be limited by a catching sensation or a feeling of the joint “getting stuck”. Swelling or fluid in the joint after activity or exercise could also happen if the cartilage is damaged.

When to see your doctor:

If your symptoms began after an accident or sporting injury and are not improving after one to two weeks of rest, you should see your doctor for further evaluation.

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