If you have had an accident or fall, you may have been to an emergency room or urgent care center where X-rays were taken. If you have been told you have a fracture, you need to follow-up with an orthopaedic doctor to be evaluated. Depending on the severity of your fracture, you may need a cast or even surgery in some cases. This determination needs to be done soon after the injury as a delay can result in the bone healing in a poor position and ultimately affecting your outcome.

Sustaining a fracture can be a debilitating injury as there is usually pain and swelling that begin shortly after the injury occurs. Appropriate care can help to minimize these issues and make you more comfortable. This typically includes rest, icing, and keeping the injured extremity elevated.

Our physicians have vast experience in treating fractures both non-surgically and surgically. Call to schedule an appointment to have your fracture evaluated to determine what is the best treatment course to ensure your fracture heals properly.

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