Joint Replacements

Joint replacement surgery, or also referred to as “joint reconstruction” surgery is a field of orthopaedics specializing in alleviating pain, restoring motion and correcting alignment through the replacement of a worn out joint. This surgical procedure results in a patient receiving a new reconstructed joint made from a combination of artificial surfaces which allows patients to resume active lifestyles after years of limitations from pain and stiffness. At South Florida International Orthopaedics our physicians specialize in replacing joints in the form of shoulder replacements, hip replacements, knee replacements, and even ankle replacements.

If you have had to limit or give up activities you once enjoyed because the pain and swelling you experience with them, you may be a candidate for a joint replacement. If your quality of life has become affected, and your activity related pain is present almost daily, you may be a candidate for a joint replacement.

Come in today to speak to one of our experienced joint replacement surgeons to discuss the benefits and recovery process from a joint replacement procedure.

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