Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is an exciting and relativity new field of medicine that focuses on using a patient’s own healing potential to try and heal itself as opposed to more traditional medical treatments. These new ideas and new technology are being employed across many different fields of medicine. In orthopaedics we use the term “Orthobiologics” to describe how regenerative medicine is being used to treat common orthopaedic injuries and illness such as arthritis, tendon injuries and ligament injuries for example. This new field has allowed patients with orthopaedic problems to have additional treatment options that were not previously available.

The idea behind this new and exciting field of medicine is to harvest our bodies own healing molecules, growth factors and cells capable of repairing damaged tissue and deliver them in a concentrated from to an area where damage has occurred. With the right environment, your body can then heal itself without the use of medications or surgery.

There are many “regenerative medicine clinics” or “stem cell clinics” out there who attempt to treat all conditions from dermatologic problems, to systemic illness, to orthopaedic problems with this technology. It is of the utmost importance if you are considering regenerative medicine options to ensure you are being evaluated and treated by a physician who is a specialist in your disease or condition. If you have an orthopaedic problem, you need an orthopaedic doctor who has knowledge and expertise in regenerative medicine as well as your condition to fully evaluate whether you are a candidate for regenerative medicine. Failing to have evaluation by the appropriate physician is likely to lead to failed treatment with this technology.

Dr. Gombosh is fellowship trained in Sports Medicine and has extensive training and experience in regenerative medicine procedures. Call today to schedule an appointment to see if you are a candidate for these new and exciting procedures.

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