Tendinitis is a condition where a tendon is inflamed and can become swollen and result in pain. The tendon is the thick fibrous portion of a muscle where it attaches to the bone. It can occur in any tendon of your body but most commonly occurs around the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle.


Common symptoms that occur with tendinitis are typically a dull pain or an ache with certain movements, but the pain can also be present at rest. The pain can be worse at night and can interfere with sleep, especially when the shoulder is involved. There may also be swelling and inflammation as well in the area that is affected and the area may be painful to touch.


This condition can result from either overuse or sometimes persist after trauma.


Delayed treatment can cause the inflammation to become worse and take longer for the condition to resolve. In some cases, tendinitis can persist and over time turn into a condition known as tendinosis where structural changes occur in the tendon that weaken it. Over time, and without the proper treatment, this may increase your risk for tendon rupture.

When to see your doctor:

If your symptoms subside after a few days of rest, you are likely to experience a complete resolution without further treatment. If symptoms last for more than a few days, or if the pain is interfering with your daily activities or job, it is best you be evaluated by your physician as formal treatment may need to be started.

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